Technical office

The technical office of Remuzzi Marmi is an added value of particular importance. This structure supports: the client and the designer during the definition of the order, the activities of the laboratory and installation of materials. Innovative techniques of survey and the experience of technicians to ensure the results of high level. The technical department is particularly helpful in assisting designers who need to identify techniques and installation methods that meet the design requirements.


The laboratory provides to carry out all machining processes required by using advanced machinery. The experience and the ability of the personnel merge with the evolution of special techniques. Numerical control, water cutting and multi tools now provide the structure of production capacity to satisfy the most particular.


The work of laying is an important part of the job. The staff is specialized and is assisted by the technical department to provide optimum results. The different types of installation are identified according to customer needs and the characteristics of the materials used. The company constantly follows the evolution of materials to aid the installation in order to ensure the quality of the product over time.