Bislapis ciotole
unione marmo e metallo bislapis
Bislapis® (Bis – “double” – and Lapis – “stone” – from the Latin) patented technology that makes it possible to couple natural stones of limited resistance, even if they present physical, mechanical and chromatic differences. The thickness of the double slab is reduced from just 12 mm but the surfaces are of greater strength and of significantly reduced weight compared with the slabs currently used in the stone sector. This means they can be used to build structures that are no longer massive and monolithic but that are made from modular, easily transportable layers. The stone in search of lightness. In the design of the compositions made from simple plates coupled together using a two-color material create unique creations that allow the play of light and depth. Cutting-edge technology and decorated style in a single product.
Bislapis, contenitore libreria
Bislapis, trasparenza
Bislapis tavolo e sedie
Bagno in pietra bianca di Vratza
In Sacred art marble, stone and granite materials are the maximum expression in architectural elements (floors, walls and decorative and structural elements) and the realization of the sacred furniture (altars, tables, pulpits, lecterns ...). The painstaking selection of materials and workmanship is always followed by the installation carried out by specialized personnel.
Lavabo in pietra di Vratza
Piatto doccia in Breccia Sarda
Vasca da bagno in Breccia Sarda
Pavimento Chiesa bianco arabescato e grigio carnico
Arredo Piazza della Liberta', Bergamo
Vasi per fiori
Arredi sacri in pietra dorata
Lavorazione bassorilievo
Particolare di lavorazione a bassorilievo
Fonte Battesimale
Paviemento Cappella
Camino bianco puro
Decoro statuario venato su camino
Remuzzi Marmi realizes fireplaces in modern style using the finest materials and advanced technologies, however, exploiting the long experience and excellent craftsmanship. The added value of a fireplace is made so the uniqueness of the object that is becoming more valuable over time.
Scala interna in Pietra d’Istria – arch. M.Piantelli
Remuzzi Marmi flooring are synonymous of excellence and ability to realize it using different materials for any type of background. Remuzzi Marmi can realize every type of internal flooring according to the specific needs of the customer. Often the internal floor became the added value of environments. The company manufactures interior floors with various installation techniques respecting the needs of architectural techniques.
Scultura realizzata per Marcello Morandini
Scultura realizzata per Marcello Morandini
Pavimento in luserna sopraelevato
Pavimento in piasentina rigata
Pavimento in piasentina rigata
Pavimento in piasentina rigata
Pavimento in Pietra d’Istria sabbiata con inserti in marmo (Progettista arch. Mauro Piantelli)
Pavimento interno Chiesa
Pavimento in marmo giallo siena con decoro
Portals of entry and side windows are made of various materials and sections appropriately valued by the costumer and designer. In the processing of the material and its installation in particular attention is paid also to meet the architectural requirements.
Restauro fontana
Restauro lapide
Rivestimento esterno in Samarcanda
Rivestimento esterno in Breccia Sarda
Rivestimento esterno in pietra
Rivestimento esterno in Santa Fiora
About external coverings the material used is indicated to be strong due to the external agents. Particular attention is focused to study different methodologies to identify type of posing as a function of the support structures and walls that need to be coated. Both for the installation of ventilated facades which are used to contact the best materials (adhesives and substructures) present on the market.
Rivestimento bagno in Travertino Rosso
Rivestimento bagno in Beola Verde
Rivestimento bagno in beola verde e verde guatemala
Rivestimento bagno in Calacatta
Rivestimento bagno in Giallo Siena
Rivestimento bagno in Rosso Alicante e Breccia Sarda
About internal coverings we can use a lot of different type of material in different type of layers and dimension, also really difficult to realize. An accurate survey work, design and optimal Pre-installation guarantee a good result. Particular attention is given to the choice of materials and colors. The various processes of surface finishes the job.
Scala interna in Statuario
Scala interna in Beola Verde
Scala interna in marmo bianco Vratz
Scala interna in Pietra d'Istria sabbiata
The covering of stairs, both internal and external, are the best in stone and marble architectural expression. Remuzzi Marmi realizes the drawing and each specific job using the best materials. Stairs and modern style are provided and installed according to the experience gained by the company. The staircase inside the house to the external staircase for access to important buildings, the project is carried out respecting the architectural choices and choosing the most effective solution. The realization of the staircase (both masonry and otherwise) is then completed with the supply and installation of sockets and baseboards are simple or elaborate.
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Scultura in bianco assoluto
Base statua
Scultura di donna